Fluorescent Pink Risographic Whisky Making Infographic


Introducing our A3 risograph print, a stunning and unique piece of wall art that showcases the intricate and fascinating process of scotch whisky-making. This minimalist and modern design features a striking infographic, highlighting the various steps involved in creating this iconic spirit.

What makes this print even more special is the printing process itself. Our risograph printing technique uses eco-friendly soy-based ink and generates less waste than traditional printing methods. This means that not only are you getting a beautiful piece of art for your collection, but you're also making an environmentally responsible choice.

The pink fluorescent risograph ink used in this print gives it a distinctive and eye-catching look, and the subtle variations in texture and color make each print a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Whether you're a whisky enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful design, this print is sure to be a perfect addition to your collection.

So why settle for a generic print when you can have a unique and sustainable work of art? Our A3 risograph print is the perfect blend of informative and visually appealing, and a testament to the beauty of both the whisky-making process and the printing process used to bring it to life.

Replay Prints donates 10% of all profits to the British Heart Foundation Charity.

A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) printed on quality 200gsm Matte Paper.

Wrapped in recycled white tissue and posted in robust postal tube.

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